Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No creative subject line...

After work last night, RMP got together along with Out of the Mold’s Adam A. Koch to review the audition tapes from last Wednesday.

Halfway through the video, the pizza & Mountain Dew finally showed. I had to act out the scene from "Halfway Point" where Cameron comes out to Sean after Sean asks, “Hey, did you order a pizza?” Cameron replies, “I don’t think so, but I could go for one.” Adam caught it all on tape for a RoomMate Productions documentary he is making of our audition decisions to our premiere!

A cast was chosen for “Laundromat” (name soon to be changed) & “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs”.
After phone calls for Laundromat were made, I kicked Eric out so I could get cracking on editing Left Standing.
I removed a bunch of dashes, ‘that’, and ‘still’s... and corrected plenty of more typos. I think the phrase is... embarrassing.
I hope to finish tonight…

Oh yeah, I was in the Laurelwood Apartments newsletter this morning talking about my book release on the 28th of Feb. I hope I don’t have too big of a mess on my hands.

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