Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lazy Sunday afternoon...

Friday night after work, I rushed home to go over the rehearsal schedule with Eric.
After that, I headed to the Laundromat while Eric waited for the cast. The rehearsal went okay - little choppy and not as organized and not everyone made it.
After the rehearsal, some of us went to Village Inn!
Talk about being up at 5am and home at 2am!

Saturday morning came early when my friend Jessie called at 9am. An hour later I was getting ready since Mike & his kids were coming up to drop off 100 empty DVD cases he managed to get his hands on for free. We had lunch and the kids used me as a human jungle gym for awhile. They took off and I headed to Josh's to help him pack up since he is heading to Las Vegas to start a new job and life. He and his gf (now fiance) Casey are getting married mid-May in Jamaca and their rececption is early June. I'm an honorary groomsan - honored to be one! I left there with some free lasagna her mom made. I came home and crashed.

This morning I woke up at 10 instead of 9. Rushed to get to church. New pastors-in-training are preaching this month. All are excited and totally into it, so they are very good despite being first timers.

Okay - so I had every intention of talking to her, you know - the same brunette I've been referring to for too long, but as always - I didn't. As always eye contact was there... I even had a three minute window when they encourage everyone to greet the people around. From where she was sitting and I was sitting, it "seemed" weird for me to single her out - although I'd like to - not to mention, see if she is single. The service ended and I ended up talking to a friend of mine, once we were done - I looked around, but she was no where to be found.

If I keep missing my window of opportunity, I may lose her out to someone else... but in the midst of filming three movies, working, and early stages of book promotion - I don't know if I could give her the time she deserves (this all is implying that we start dating - which means I need to talk to her... I know). But these are things that flow in my head. I love working on RoomMate Productions, I love working on Left Standing, and I can't wait to start Left Unsaid. However, I would like to include her in my schedule <--- lack of a better choice of words...

Until next Sunday...

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