Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Grandma, A Start, & A Wave

A Grandma
My grandma (my mom's mom) finished reading Left Standing. She of course found a few typos or as my mom calls 'em, "bloopers". She gave the book to my mom who emailed me page numbers and what the "bloopers" are so when I get my proofs back, I can get the "bloopers" fixed...

A Start
Last night, I opened a word document, saved as "left unsaid" and typed chapter 1 and centered it. Then I sat there, for a very long time. I have some ideas, but can't quite get 'em started. Once I get started... I can go for days... well, I hope I still can.

A Wave
I was driving to work today and held back at a stop light even though it was green since the car in front of me was just past the light. I was a bit (not far at all) into the lane of cars coming off I680 and onto Fort, but they wouldn't hit me since they were turning lanes. A blond in a gray Cavalier waved at me as she passed. I waved back thinking I knew her, only to realize... I didn't. Now I'm curious. Maybe that is her thing - wave-at-a-stranger-a-day deed

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