Thursday, February 03, 2005

Updated Left Standing theme...

Change is not constant. Rather, change is a constant struggle.

How we think of and approach change not only molds our personality, but molds our life path. Do you let change direct your path? Or do you try and control your own change?

Things happen in life we can't control - for better or for worse - and we go on living. We are left standing before a new path. Maybe we are single again or mourning a loss. Taking the next step, we may wonder why we took that path, and we seek to understand our choice.

In the end, we learn from our mistakes (or at least, we should) regarding the situation. Our change helps us grow and we continue to walk a new path - the path that makes the most sense and seems to be free of undesirable "bumps of change" on the way.

Life-changing experiences are few, but we can remember each one and how the change affected our lives.

Reading Left Standing, the reader will look at their own life and reflect on the choices they have made. It will help them to consider changes they forsee in their own life, and view them from all angles and ultimately learn how best to anticipate and handle them.

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