Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ongoing frustrations...

I decided to go forward with getting my book fixed, this means postponing the release date. I can’t have the printer stop printing orders, so I tweaked my site so the only way you would be able to buy it is if you happened to know where you could get it. I added a release date of March 2005. I’m looking to finish corrections on Saturday and send them Monday, so they would be live the following week. I hope not too many people bought it already. Doh – I just thought about Borders who ordered 3 copies.

I laughed last night reading over chapters I’ve read a dozen times and seeing the dumbest typos. I was not created to edit my own work – who was? The fact remains that I tried and failed and am paying for it – royally.

Avinity – I know you sent an email to your friends; could you email them the new and extend my apologies for any confusion?

At least I can only send 100 emails a day via hotmail so not everyone (1/2) got the email about it being released on 2/28 – before I realized I need a rework. Then last night I sent everyone but 30 people an update on the delay.

On a brighter note: today RoomMate Productions is holding auditions for our next three short films today from 3-7!

Tomorrow, Eric & I are going to “ITK”, a film produced Skyline Entertainment at the Dundee Theater, although I’ve not seen an ad about it. Eric filmed his part for that movie as Detective Miller the day before we starting shooting “Halfway Point” which goes to show you that it took longer to make their movie than ours – however, I’ve seen the trailer – they had more funds, time, and crew.

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-KL said...

'ITK' Sounds cool - I wish we didn't have the kids - I'd talk Mike in to coming up! Maybe I could talk a friend in to coming...

And yes, I would be glad to resend the email. =)