Monday, December 06, 2004

Weekend Update...

Headed down to Lincoln on Friday so I could leave my car at the dealers so they can put a wind spoiler on it. I went over to Mike & Kasey’s Friday night for dinner and Mike finally agreed to watch ‘Good Will Hunting’.
Saturday, I took my car to the dealers. My temporary car is my salesman’s Honda Civic. I love power everything!
I did some shopping and some laundry. I had lunch at Granite City – actual name of a restaurant, with my parents. Very good I must plug! They went to a movie and I worked on editing Left Standing and took a look at 'Kitty Cats & Exit Signs', a film RoomMate Productions plans to do next year.
That night Eric & I went to see “Sideways” which freak’d us out since it was a movie about two former roommates from college who go on a road trip, one is a writer and the other is an actor.
Sunday at church I chickened out again (asking the girl for her digits). But got a lead on her name, Laura or Christy and status - single. I talked a mutual friend into introducing us sometime.
Eric came over to review my thoughts on ‘Kitty Cats” and I worked on my Christmas letter. That night we headed to Village Inn for dinner and I worked on my book more. I have no clue when this thing is going to be done. Soon I hope.
Tonight I'm going back to Lincoln to pick up my car and eat dinner at HuHot.

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