Monday, December 20, 2004

Almost Christmas!!

I’m addicted to bookstores. I spent about an hour at Barnes & Noble on Saturday looking for gifts for my dad and sister. I "accidentally" bought two things for myself. Then on Sunday my sister & I went there again, she wanted some ideas for books I wanted. I could say, "All these books here", but I had to be realistic. Realistically, ‘cmon… when am I going to read them all? I had good intentions to edit this weekend; with the office holiday party on Friday, shopping all day Saturday (not to mention waking up late), and going to Lincoln on Sunday – it didn’t happen.

Found out that my 19 year old cousin is engaged to his girlfriend of about 2 years, Trisha. I haven’t met her. They live in Colorado.
I can’t believe he is getting married. Good for him though. He was always kind of a shy guy! Takes after his cousin.

My pastor Joe’s last day was Sunday, it was sad to see him go. He was like a big brother to me. He is moving to Arizona to a town that is growing so much, they can’t build churches fast enough. He gave me his contact information because once "Left Standing" is done; I want to send him a copy since there is a character in the book based on him.
This week at work should be okay, now that Christmas is approaching and there is little time to have anything shipped on time.
This week is wrapping Christmas presents and editing. Oh yeah, gearing up for RMP Fest too!

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