Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving Weekend Update!!!

Thanksgiving was good.
Wednesday night I went to eat at Valentino’s buffet for my aunt’s birthday. I made two pumpkin pies that night.
My grandparents came over on Thursday and we had a good lunch and they all took a nap.
Friday, I headed over to the retirement home where my grandparents are and ate with my uncle and his family. My cousin Drew came up and we talked about making an animation for the RoomMate Productions premiere of “Halfway Point”.
I helped my friend Natalie with some marketing stuff for school – she needed to pick my brain.
That night my other uncle and aunt came over.
Saturday, I spent all day at Husker Auto Group. I wanted to get a blue Cavalier with cruise control. I finally settled on one and got an awesome deal out of it and a pretty good trade in for my ’99.
Sunday, I went to church and almost asked a girl for her number, but chickened out.
I spent the rest of the night working on the last bit of editing marks for Left Standing and may be able to submit it to tomorrow.
That night I also got the entry forms for the Central Nebraska Film Festival Ready. "Halfway Point" & "Aisle to Aisle" will be shown at the end of January in Kearney, Nebraska.

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