Thursday, July 22, 2004

What my book is about?

Left Standing by Chad J. Bring
A story about how life-changing conversations can cause someone to be left standing in contemplation as another person walks away.
Life. It has the ability to change directly in front of us without our permission or any warning. At times, we have the ability to make changes, but most of the time, change finds us. What we do next is in our power. Do we: deny the change, bargain against it, or accept it?

Occasionally, we have moments where we can sense ourselves change. At times, we have no idea we are changing and sometimes we can only catch a glimpse of small changes when we look in the mirror. It is in these instances of sensing change that we are left standing in contemplation of what we should do, what we should say, and how we should act.

Our true self surfaces during these profound moments of contemplation and reflection; it defines us as individuals as our lives are forever altered. These circumstances, although memorable, don't happen often, however, they occur more frequently than we may ever realize. We remain unaware of their true importance to our lives.

At times, we may be lucky enough to grasp right away the significance of the moment. At times, we may only comprehend days or months down the road the true worth of the impact of words spoken. If not only words spoken, then also the actions made by another person that moves us to look at life differently. We are left standing as a result of their words and actions.

These moments, as powerful as they can become, are usually unplanned. You cannot truly prepare to say to someone exactly what they need to hear. You cannot truly prepare to be moved by what they may say to you.

Reality and recognition become clear as reflection begins. An epiphany is the result.
These are life-altering conversations that change the direction of our path, changes that either make our walk smoother or rougher.
We are left standing before our new path...

© Chad J. Bring

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Wow....I like your style. Is your book out yet? I live in Washington and would like to know where to find it. You can e-mail me at